Friday, April 16, 2010

Monday, December 15, 2008

My physical Appearance

Guys, walao, nice meeting again...I'm gonna take You to my Hood,I lift weight, When I was small, like 7 years to 10 years, My head bigger than my body...Monster...LOL... Thin and skinny... no fat full of flesh... bad symptoms none... So, I'm not that tall and my weight ideal,so after form 5, I started to love Weight,after I saw my Dad,his body huge dude,taller than me about 1.5inches taller than me,so I tried Gym... U know at that time I carried 5 kilos, 2.5kilos at each side, That was Ok Ok..Then I tried heavier... My Dad know i can do better... so after a long, I do it myself, until after form 6. my weight at that time macam karabau... heavy than before...Wow...

then, I start at gym pasir putih putatan, I work out to get the best shape... My dad has one friend...So big like monster..i like to see him because he is macho...Indian guy big guy and really gentleman...At that time i knew him, i serious about my physical appearance... no play play...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Short Smile

Sometimes we feel happiness,cheers masked our expression,seems like that day is our day, the emotion that people won't have,it's only You feel the atmosphere,no one, its only you... But have You predict what will happen 2 seconds after? Or 3 seconds after??? Can you hold On to that happiness You felt before?? can you smile like you smile when you are happy 2 seconds before?? I felt It Today...I hope my happiness will refresh every seconds it ticks... I dislike sad, angry, jealousy situation...Here are songs that I hear to make Me smile.. I know God is There, He is Lovely, I love My GOD...guys,Christmas is coming, do you make people smile,? Your parents? your sister, brothers? Friends? Yourself? Dont make smile shorten its longevity when it can be prolong for period of time.Take a moment listen to my MP3 above.. JUST FOR YOU... yap YOU...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I was extremely freakin' out

Last 2 weeks, I watched dis movie.I was not in a Cinema for about 10years++, So dat day i went, and watched...I'm not going to tell u wat I saw,Its like u r in that situation dude..better U watch... Go to CentrePoint KK GrowBall and pay RM5 using student Card or RM8 ( w/out card ). You will not miss the excitement...For all the watchers,What do you think about the movie? Personally,Im FREAKIN' OUT...Holy Bleep

Ego or Jealousy

When Come Love,Jealousy follows,WHY??? Have U ever ask God Y??? Y dis feeling follow couples and Have u ever ask God Y animals no jealousy??? Bet me,most couples, both of them sure got jealous one... try find it...True or Not? Is jealousy the cause of a broken relationship and marriage?
emmm...don't take distanced example,my fren all got jealousy one,only they dont show their real picture... So,speaking of which...some say people with no jealousy is an ego person... what is dat??? try to shaken dat a**,"i dont jealous at all"~ "hehehe is dat true? or u r just too ego to reveal it?"
WOW...which one is which? Ego or Jealousy...
So we need people beside us, a strong personality person the one we can share problems and so on. dont put things together ownself that might lead to Death or 'u got the answer'...
What's your comments?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This is my first video taken at Centre Point Real puncher Gamer zone by my friend using W9001 Sony Ericson. Im punching and not swinging, real man punches, sissy guy swings. I changed RM2 to get 4tokens. I put it all, for 4 tokens i have to punch 6 times and i Punched not swing, remember not swing like sissy guys hahaha... The results were shocking because i punched not swing... my number didn't decrease at all 133 and above... watch it emmm if u all have time to challenge me have a coffee talk.. i mean chat with me... We play it together... WATCH

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